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first of all, i love the little story how you made this track. I make tracks myself as well so i can relate :) and making the music AND the animation takes a lot of work, i know that as well so respect for sticking with it and finishing it into this entertaining music video! Very smooth and energetic animation with lots of different bits and the music sound just right. Great work!

igorZlo responds:

The main audience for this music video are that bank users. But now I see it doesn't matter. Thank you for your review)

how could i have missed this? This was strangely satisfying!

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Ha Ha I know you Insane Toons. You like Insaine Sh*T!

any homage to kabouter wesley deserves a good rating ;) You nailed the style perfectly, well done. Loved those cartoons back then, they were brilliant.

Great work, love the character, good comedy... very nice!

distinctive style and a lot of nice shots. The animation is a bit lazy sometimes but when the writing and jokes are good, it doesn't matter... but that's exactly what this video is lacking unfortunately. I didn't even crack a smile once. This is just a depiction of stereotypes. Black guy monkey reference... Mexican over the wall... Swastika on chest... But none of it in the context of a good joke. It's clear you really need to work on your writing / jokes but i don't think that's gonna be easy if you believe this is what is funny.

Very impressive, nice twists, everything is well thought out all the way to the ending with the credits on the sliding doors.. really great job.

drushhh responds:

Cheers brother!

absolutely brilliant. Distinctive style, very nice animation, but what makes a video great to me is the entertainment value, the punchline{s), and that was unexpected and brilliant... really a great and funny video.

ChutneyGlaze responds:

Thank you! Very kind of you to say!

my 20th look and attempt at trying to understand what's so great about madness videos, and my first and last rating for one... my conclusion is i find these videos extremely boring, pointless and missing personality. Definitely not for me so i will not be watching any more. Still 2 stars for the smooth animation, but there's not much else here for me.

Absolutely brilliant.

i can't give this any less than 5 stars. This is really weird, but it kept me interested and some things even made me flinch, they were that well executed. The 'sack lick' for example, it was done so perfectly, it was disgusting yet very funny. As well as his 'degenerate manwhore' fighting style... lol.
The main character is perfect, from the looks and the way he speaks to his little flying horse. It all perfectly fits into place.
And technically very well made, great visuals, smooth animation, very fitting music... great work.

Sexual-Lobster responds:

thank you!

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